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What can EMDR help with?

At The EMDR Clinic, our passion and purpose is to help you effectively address and resolve mental health conditions of a traumatic origin which are chronic and debilitating in your life. It would be fair to say that most, if not all of us have experienced some kind of emotional trauma in our lives. Whether we know/believe it or not, mental illness stems from emotional trauma, especially the events that occur rather early on in our lives! These earlier traumatic incidents (usually from childhood) have a tendency to affect our current thoughts, feelings and behaviours in rather profound ways. These events are what people actually are referring to when they speak of "skeletons in the closet", "opening a can of worms", "facing my demons" and "pushing my buttons". (For a better understanding of this subject, you can look at the article we prepared here). There are basically two kinds of trauma that can affect us: 


  • persistent events that occur over a period of time (e.g. growing up with parents with mentall illness, spousal violence, childhood trauma (abuse & neglect), school/workplace bullying, living in war-torn countries)

  • single-episode events (e.g. serious accidents, being held hostage, natural disasters, assault, sexual abuse, medical emergencies)


With the above in mind, our EMDR therapy and counselling services can be described under the following broad categories. 

EMDR for childhood trauma (s).jpg

Childhood Trauma

  • Physical/verbal/sexual abuse

  • Parental conflict / violence

  • Witnessing abuse towards parent/sibling

  • Living with parent with physical/mental illness

  • Physical/emotional neglect from parents

  • Bullying from siblings or peers in school

EMDR for domestic violence (s).jpg

Recent Trauma

  • Domestic / family violence

  • Abusive relationships

  • Vehicle accidents

  • Workplace bullying

  • Sudden change in circumstances (loss of employment, illness etc.)

  • Debilitating personal/workplace injury

  • Victim of Crime

  • Sexual harrassment and assault

EMDR ego states (s).jpg

Chronic Emotional Problems

  • Depression / mood swings

  • Anxiety/panic attacks

  • Difficulties controlling anger/rage

  • PTSD and Complex PTSD

  • Addictive/self-destructive behaviours

  • Phobias

  • Self-esteem, body image issues/feelings of worthlessness

  • Emotional eating / weight issues

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