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EMDR Therapy Appointments

If you are interested in making an appointment with us, kindly note the following: 

1) We only offer online appointments (usually on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime), not face-to-face. You can make an appointment by reaching out to us on phone, email or text message. 

2) Due to the increased demand for EMDR therapy, there is presently a wait time of about 6 months for new appointments, so this is something you may want to consider before making an appointment. For this reason, it is generally a good idea to make at least 5 to 6 appointments in advance to avoid any lengthy delays in between appointments.

3) We no longer do waiting lists for new clients due to very high demand. It would be advisable for you to make appointments in advance if you would like to be able to get in. 

4) There is a 48 hour cancellation policy so if you cancel, notice has to be given at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment, otherwise there will be a fee. The cancellation fee can be waived in circumstances of illness or personal/family emergency. However,  work-related reasons for cancelling will not be accepted.

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