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Referrals Taken

In order to access counselling/therapy services, most people would normally obtain a Medicare referral (i.e. Mental Health Care Plan and referral letter) from their doctor. However there are several other options that may be available to you as well depending on your circumstances. Here are some of the referrals we accept:


  • Medicare

  • Victims of Crime

  • Forgotten Australians

  • DVA

  • NDIS

  • Self-referrals

 Kindly note that with the exception of Medicare and self-referrals, you will not incur any cost with all the other referral options above as we will bill the respective organizations. For information about Rebates or Financial Assistance, just click on the link.
 Psychologist appointments usually last for about an hour each time. In the first session or two, we would typically obtain information of each new client regarding background/history in order to determine their specific concerns, current life issues and other precipitating/underlying factors (both present and past) that may contribute to their difficulties. A few questionnaires ascertaining your emotional functioning will also need to completed at this time. You need not worry about coming prepared with what to say to the psychologist as you will be guided along each step of the way. Just come in with an open mind and you will be fine!

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