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A Personal Message

Hello there,
Before I go any further, please allow me introduce myself – my name is Ritchie, and I am the owner and Psychologist of this practice. I am guessing you are here because you probably would like to get help with an issue in your life. But if trying to confront your problems isn’t daunting enough, finding the right psychologist can be a difficult and often frustrating experience in itself! I have heard many a tale from clients I have worked with, of having been through several therapists without being able to make much progress with their problems. Some of the common comments from clients about their previous counselling experience include “they just listen to my problems and don’t say much”, “I’m still feeling the same, nothing much has changed for me”, and “I felt better for a while, but now I have gone downhill again”.
With the above in mind, I would like to say three things about the way I work to help you make your decision. First, we are all human and we all have shortcomings. I have been through many challenges in my life just as you have and we are on this journey together. Thus, I make it a point to meet and connect with each and every person I work with on a personal, intimate and meaningful level. I do not believe in superficiality, ‘talking down from an intellectual platform’ or keeping up professional appearances. What you see is what you get, and what I say is what I mean. I speak directly from my heart to yours.
Second, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to therapy. Just as every person is unique and different, I ensure that every client who walks in receives a tailor-made experience of counselling that fits and addresses their specific needs in a way which MAKES SENSE to them. To this end, I employ various forms of treatment (with EMDR as the central focus) and combine them where appropriate to formulate a solution just for you. In addition, I believe in keeping things as simple and easy to understand as possible so you don’t have to deal with a quagmire of mind-boggling ideas and concepts. As a wise old friend once told me, “the simplest things are also the most profound.”
Third, let’s face it. Nobody wants to spend more time and/or money than is necessary on therapy! I know this is important to you and therefore am always striving to optimise the counselling process so that every client is able to achieve results in the SHORTEST possible amount of time. I help you achieve this by sifting through and filtering out all the unnecessary jargon/steps/material, so what you get is exactly what you need to achieve the results you want quickly! That is my promise to you. Nothing more, nothing less.
Before I end, i strongly encourage you to read the articles I have written on the main page. It may give you a better idea of your current situation and the change that is possible for you.
I look forward to being able to help you along life’s journey and wish you the very best in moving towards a whole and meaningful life.

Peace & Joy,

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