Online EMDR therapy at the EMDR Clinic in Melbourne

Online EMDR Therapy

The EMDR Clinic in Melbourne (Australia) is a psychology practice specifically dedicated to providing online EMDR therapy Australia-wide for PTSD, Complex PTSD, childhood trauma, chronic anxiety, depression, addictions, phobias and other related issues.

NOTE: Due to the Stage 4 restrictions (as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic) in Victoria, we are only offering online / remote EMDR therapy appointments at the moment until further notice.

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Thank you for visiting us! Here is a brief introduction to our practice and what EMDR therapy is about.

Our difference at The EMDR Clinic in Melbourne

Our Difference

If this isn’t your first time seeing a psychologist or counsellor, chances are you may have had a less than favourable experience with some. When you come to see us, this is what we offer you.

What is EMDR therapy

You've probably heard of CBT, ACT, Mindfulness, Hypnosis etc. But what about EMDR? EMDR therapy is a lesser-known but fast, effective, and once-and-for-all treatment that utilises your brain's natural ability to heal itself. 

Issues we treat at The EMDR Clinic in Melbourne

What EMDR can help with

While EMDR initially came into the scene as a revolutionary treatment for PTSD, it has also been shown to effectively treat other chronic mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions and phobias.

Some helpful reading

Is online EMDR therapy effective?

Is online / remote EMDR therapy effective?

Due to recent unprecedented challenging circumstances we are facing, a lot of us have reached out for help via online therapy. But can online / remote EMDR therapy be effective?

How to deal with your issue | The EMDR Clinic | Melbourne

How to deal with your issue

We often hear people say "I've dealt with it" in reference to a problem. But what do they actually mean and what have they really done to address it?

Childhood trauma therapy at The EMDR Clinic in Melbourne

What is childhood trauma

Most of us think of trauma as very specific disturbing events that happened to us. But you may not realise that some common childhood experiences can also have long-term repercussions...

How we can help at The EMDR Clinic in Melbourne

Choosing the best therapy

With a plethora of options available for psychological therapy, how do you determine what you are getting out of the treatment is actually going to help you get what you want?