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There are a plethora of helpful mobile smartphone apps out there which I have recommended to my clients to use to help them develop emotional management skills and better manage themselves  through the week. Below are some of the ones I encourage you to try. Most of them are free (except where indicated) so do check them out!

Insight Timer

By far, the best meditation app in my opinion. I recommend it to all my clients. It contains a huge and ever-growing library of meditation exercises and talks contributed by various meditation teachers around the world. Best of all, it's completely free! Available for iPhone and Android phones.

Smiling Mind

This app is a great starting point to help you find some calm and peace in your busy day. A variety of short exercises packed in a daily program format. Available for iPhone and Android phones.



A simple-to-use app to help you regulate your breathing speed. Speed is adjustable to your requirements. It has a visual guide to help you keep at the right pace. Available for iPhone and Android phones.

Mental Workout

Designed by meditation expert Stephan Bodian, this app contains four separate modules which are free to use. Increased functionality if you have a paid yearly subscription. Available for iPhone and Android phones.



A wonderful mental health toolbox filled with research-supported ideas. It was designed in consultation with mental health professionals to aid those with Depression. Only available for Android phones.


Mindfulness Daily

Contains many mindfulness exercises of varying lengths so you can choose them according to your needs. Available for iPhone and Android phones. (Paid App)



Another simple breathing app similar to Breath2Relax for those who prefer a different interface. Available for iPhone and Android phones.


Anxiety Release

Developed by Clinical Psychologist Mark Grant, this app incorporates EMDR bilateral stimulation using binaural tones in all its exercises. Available on iPhone and Android phones. (Paid App)




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