Online EMDR Appointments

If you wish to have online EMDR therapy appointments, you will need to be able to satisfy the following requirements in order to ensure your safety and the effectiveness of your online therapy sessions. (If you are unsure whether you can adequately meet the conditions, please feel free to contact us to discuss). As your safety and well-being is of utmost importance to us, we may decide against commencing or discontinue online appointments if you are deemed to be unable to meet the requirements.

Basic Requirements

  1. A reliable and stable internet connection.

  2. Access to video conferencing software. (e.g. Skype, Zoom).

  3. A desktop computer/laptop with speakers and/or a connection to headphones. Alternatively, you could use your smartphone or tablet to connect to a TV via the HDMI port (if you have the appropriate adapter for this).

  4. Have a large enough screen (either a desktop monitor, laptop screen or even a TV). This is because your eyes will be required to travel along a large enough plane of movement between your left and right. (The screens on smartphones and tablets are not advisable as it would difficult to perform the full range of eye movement that is required).

  5. A private, relatively quiet space/room with minimal distraction where you will not be disturbed for at least 90mins. (Although sessions typically run for 50-60mins, it is important to give yourself at least 30mins after each appointment to settle and refocus before moving to your next activity).

  6. Some water and tissue in your room.

  7. A small bouncy rubber ball, a tennis ball, stress ball (or even a fruit like an orange or lemon!) (This is a useful and effective tool for grounding if the need arises. You will be shown how to do this).

  8. Adequate lighting in the room that you are in. Your face and upper body have to be reasonably well lit up. This can easily be achieved by positioning a desk lamp to the side but in front of you. (It is essential for the therapist to be able to see you clearly in order to determine if you carrying out the eye movements adequately, and also observe how you are feeling based on your facial expressions, physiological changes and body language).

  9. You do not have risk factors for and have not been diagnosed with a dissociative disorder.

  10. You have the ability to soothe yourself when feeling distressed and regulate your feelings. (This will be assessed in the first few appointments as I get to know you).

  11. You have developed and demonstrated successful strategies for closing down incomplete traumatic memories (This will be discussed and taught to you).

  12. You have been observed to benefit from the use of either the eye movement or tactile (i.e. tapping) form of bilateral stimulation when working on a distressing memory. (This will be assessed in the first few appointments as I get to know you).

Recommended Requirements

  1. A desktop monitor or TV (with a screen size of at least 24 inches in diagonal length) will be ideal as it is large enough in most cases for doing eye movements.
  2. A laptop or standalone webcam with a resolution of at least 1280x720 so that the therapist can get a clear and sharp enough image of you.
  3. Resource objects available in the room to help with grounding and soothing if needed (e.g. teddy bear, blanket, crystals, essential oils, music, sounds of nature etc.). 
  4. Reliable support people/animals outside of therapy that you can turn to for comfort if necessary (i.e. family members, partners, friends, housemates, pets). 

Medicare rebates for online appointments

From Monday 30 March 2020 through to 30 Sep 2020, ALL Australians will be eligible for the same Medicare benefits for online psychology appointments as with face-to-face appointments. (Please keep in mind that the limit of 10 Medicare sessions per calendar year will still apply.)



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